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Push Notifications

Push notifications enable your organisation to deliver personalised information in a timely way through myday.

Sometimes your students or staff need to be made aware of information in a timely manner. myday enables the generation of personalised alerts than can be pushed out to targeted audiences of thousands of people right to down to an individual user. myday can generate alerts and push notifications three different ways:

  • Data Changes - Push notification can be configured to include low balances, timetabling room changes, and new data being published.
  • News Room - Push notifications are also tightly coupled into the myday News Room enabling key notices, events and news to be alerted to the end user.
  • REST API - Have your own application that you want to push alerts out from? myday provides a REST API allowing you to take advantage of the alerts framework with the myday platform

Alerts not only appear within myday but also via our native apps, so that the most important messages appear, even on the lock screen!

There are a huge number of benefits for having push notifications, some are listed below:

  • Engaging users – Push notifications allow developers to provide up to date relevant information to users, encouraging engagement, sparking recognition and increasing involvement.
  • User control – Through mobile settings and notification centres students can customise how and what they see in terms of notifications.
  • Insight into student behaviour – they provide valuable information on user behaviour through the tracking of messages and the interaction times, devices, platforms and situations which generate the most engagement, revealing when, where, why and how users use your app. 
  • Ease of use – push notifications are quick to deal with and manage. They are simple, uncomplicated messages that provide only the essential information, making them user friendly and effective.

Would you like to give your students instant access, at all times?

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