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Engage your students in the new academic year


Not a day goes by that a student is without their smartphone. The average student spends over three hours a day on their mobile devices, connecting with family, friends, and business networks.

With that in mind, there’s plenty of space within those three hours a day for universities to build those same connections- and boost university engagement. Universities have the unique opportunity to take advantage of this not just growing, but well-established trend.

Unfortunately, not enough establishments are aware of the different capabilities that mobile applications can improve a student’s level of engagement not on their course, but within the entire campus.

Offer a more personalised experience

Apps offer students a tailored educational experience. With tens of thousands of students enrolled in 154 universities across the country, each one will require app pages that are specific to their course or their extra university activities. Apps that enable you to target news feeds, create bookmarks, and allow you to create a personalised layout are aiding students by giving them the freedom to prioritise their content.

Customisation equates to engagement. When students have direct access to what information they need, they are more likely to keep referring to the app on a regular basis.

Remote students

Mobile apps are meant to shorten the “distance” between the user and their location. They can be an invaluable tool for those looking to get a feel for the student life of the university.

This is a university’s opportunity to showcase themselves! They can tailor their communication through the app to spark prospective interests, as well as connect them with the latest news. On special occasions, such as open days, they can also provide us prospective students with real-time activity updates, maps of the campus, and keep them up to date with the school’s social media.

In fact, it has been shown that giving potential pupils more open access to information regarding university education increases their interest and could improve the likelihood of their attendance.

Drive Engagement

Promotion is key to keeping students invested in not only their course but overall campus life. Apps have the ability to enable students to interact with university staff and peers throughout digital channels.

Students can access their social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, access and manage real-time information about their grades, attendance, any last-minute course changes, as well as access to their emails. Overall, this effectively creates a mobile campus, where students can always be ahead of their learning.

Greater Staff and Student Communication

Students and staff can now boost their engagement from beyond the classroom. Apps are an extension of the virtual learning environments that have been embraced by universities for years now. By not just restricting their access to teaching materials to desktop or laptop, shifting their resources to a mobile-friendly experience means they can learn and ask questions whenever they need to.

Lecturers can customise and highlight the necessary resources students need to succeed while also boosting retention and maintaining interest in their studies.

The possibility of mobile app use within university education is truly endless. Not only does it have the capacity to make learning more interesting and interactive, but it also allows staff and students alike to explore freedom through access to the classroom whenever they need it.

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