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Collabco reaches Baltic shores with new Latvian institution partnership


Riga Stradins University (RSU), a higher education institution of 9,100 students in the Latvian capital city of Riga on the shores of the Baltic Sea has implemented their myday digital campus – and branded it MyRSU.

The university which provides studies in the areas of health care, social sciences and humanities chose myday to deliver a mobile, digital campus to help with student engagement - so that learners could literally carry the campus around in their pockets.

“The decision to implement a cloud-based student portal that is bundled with a mobile app and then extend it with e-services and existing resources was a fast way to deploy a mobile digital campus for students in a very short time-frame,” explains Zigmunds Zitmanis, IT director, RSU.

“Our students’ study both on a campus setting but also in hospitals as we focus on the area of health care, so having access to their resources and services on the go is a necessity.

“We worked closely with our Student Union, so it had a say in all decisions that affected functionality or usability and it was launched as the MyRSU app to the university population - over 50% of students are already engaged using it.”

The next phase of the project will be designed to collect feedback from students and usage statistics from the data warehouse to set objectives going forward. The data will include usage of the student portal, Moodle and E-Services to provide insights into the application of mobile vs desktop, the E-Learning environment and other E-Services.

“By selecting the myday Platform, Riga Stradins demonstrates its desire to continue to be one of the leading institutions in the Baltic Region and continue to improve the already excellent student experience.” Andrew Taylor, CEO. 

“Collabco is very excited to work with another top institution in yet another geography and this win signifies the flexibility of the myday Platform in delivering value to a broad range of institutions across multiple territories.”

Want to learn more about implementing your digital campus? 

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